Friday, May 15, 2009

Introduction to Cloud Alchemy


and let chaos reveal

its relevance
to you.

A manifesto for the modern online communicator.

Cloud alchemy is the process of using your brain to discover and further connections between other brains via the "cloud," or online or digital communication. These connections are new forms of thought with unlimited potential to create change.

The alchemy is in the actions and the outcomes within yourself and in others, arising out of the neutral, unseen material of digital communication.

Cloud alchemy is meaningful transformation and increased possibility which happens when brains connect in recognition. When you introduce two people with a common goal, or some dove-tailing interests, you become the chemical agent of recognition. You have fostered an environment in which productive reactions can occur.

This blog is the anchor for the developing manifesto called "Cloud Alchemy."

So go out and continue, cloud pilgrims, weaving together this grand phenomenon of the global brain. Help someone else into the conversation today.

In good faith, good humor, good friends and good chocolate,

Suzanna Stinnett

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